My Christian life: Breaking barriers in Milwaukee and beyond – FORWARD IN CHRIST

Dr. Joan Prince is on the front cover of this month's Forward in Christ magazine with a feature article written by Dr. Ken Fisher. The same duo that encouraged us to examine the presence and role of whiteness in a presentation that appears to have violated our doctrinal statement on man and woman roles, Dr. Prince has a number of woke credentials having brought mandatory anti-bias and anti-racist to UW-Milwaukee in her tenure as Vice Chancellor and continues her relationship with the UW system with her appointment to the Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin, and her association with Gloria Ladson-Billings, the mother of critical pedagogy and culturally relevant teaching ("the other CRT"). Dr. Ken Fisher presided at a worship service that told students that it is not enough to not be racist, we must be active anti-racists, and made questionable pairings of Scripture with MLK quotes. He is also responsible for the black history month presentation at WLHS that went off the rails

So why feature Dr. Prince now? The naive answer is that it is the one-year anniversary of the Lutheran Leadership conference. But given WLHS' push for female board members and given Joan Prince's past involvement at WLHS on the Finance and Administration Ministry Action Team (MAT) and keynote speaker for faculty inservice ... it's quite possible - nay, likely - that they are priming her for a role on the board at WLHS.

If so, this is concerning. We don't need to bring mandatory anti-bias and anti-racist training to out Lutheran high schools. DEI and CRT are an affront to Christ and the Gospel. While Joan and Ken may be our sister and brother in Christ, you don't put a pedophile in charge of your youth program or put an alcoholic in charge of communion preparation. Likewise, you don't put the woke in charge of the youth.