Woke in the WELS: Lutheran Leadership Conference #1


These cards were handed out during a panel discussion at the WELS Lutheran Leadership conference.

Let's translate from woke to english:
  • “Isolate Race” means you speak “As a white male, I feel…"
  • “Social Construction and Multiple Perspectives” means standpoint epistemology 
  • “Working Definition” means you can call things whatever you like as opposed to rigid definitions like “nationality” and “ethnicity”
  • “Whiteness” – to quote Robin DeAngelo “it’s not a question of if racism occurred, but how did race manifest itself in this situation.”
These cards come from a consultancy named Courageous Conversations, run by a man named Glenn Singleton. He also wrote a book by the same name. Formerly he ran the for-profit Pacific Educational Group, a "left-leaning educational consulting firm formed by Glenn Singleton in the 1990s that contracts with K-12 school districts in 20 states across the United States to provide consulting and training services around racial equity and critical race theory." 

Why is this being pushed by WELS pastors presenting at a WELS conference to largely WELS called workers?

UPDATE The Lutheran Leadership conference uploaded the slide deck from this talk, which you can find here.