More on Minnesota's Teacher Certification Standards

Following up on BLC's letter and the Minnesota District's report, Allen Quist (former 3-term Minnesota state legislator and retired professor from Bethany Lutheran College) has written a six-page memo reacting to the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) standards. Read the whole thing. I'll leave you with the closing paragraph

The newly adopted Standards for Effective Practice are a smokescreen for indoctrination into the beliefs of cultural Marxism... Colleges that wish to maintain their academic integrity must refuse to teach the PELSB standards and establish their own certification based on academic integrity. They should inform the public they are genuine institutions of higher learning devoted to academic excellence and have not been bullied into becoming pawns of the political left. Private schools at all levels need to demonstrate that they remain cities set on a hill. Those that do so will be recognized as schools set apart for all that is profitable, beautiful, and good.

BLC has, at least by proxy, indicated a willingness to fight...