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My kind of guys!

(footnote from the Apology of the Formula of Concord, Chemnitz' Works, Vol. 10)  

The Evangelical Lutheran Breviary

  Evangelical Lutheran Breviary - buy at I've had my copy for a little less than a week so this is an initial impression. First - the quality is excellent, Caleb did a great job with the typesetting and formatting. The hardcover has a dust jacket with the ELH logo and under the dust jacket is a simply labeled spine. (a much better job that NPH did on their print-on-demand Volumes 1 & 2 of Adolf Hoenecke's Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics. On the right is a traditionally published volume in 1999, on the left the print-on-demand from 2009.) The Table of Contents: Following the table of contents is a brief description of how to use the offices, explaining the liturgical elements and the use of the psalter and Propers. Then follows the four offices (note that if there is a bracketed page number, this is where you can locate the office in the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal), a section of prayers (the Litany, Prayers for the Sick and Dying, and The Suffrages) followed by seve

WELS Southerner's take on Mike Novotny

  Well done, WELS Southerner. (but please get that fire alarm looked at) (If I ever get doxed, I'm totally moving to this format)