WLHS Jots, Tittles and Speculation

 A few things coming out of the WLHS treasure trove:

- Black History Month shenanigans confirmed: While lacking in detail and downplaying the significance, the minutes from March 14, 2023 confirm the event occurred:

A Board member shared a concern related to a school assembly that occurred on Tuesday, March 13th. Overall, the assembly was well done and recognized the extensive work done by the students. There was a small portion of the presentation where a board member shared a concern. The administration apologized for not reviewing the controversial portion of the presentation. The administration will work to ensure the historical context is provided and that this will not happen again

We discussed this issue back in February. I am genuinely curious on the historical context of "superman dat hoe"

- Evidence that the board at WLHS does extend divine calls. This exercise of headship would be granted to women if the bylaws are modified:

And some speculation: after a few discussions, I can't help but wonder aloud if the proposed revision of WLHS' bylaws is not really about extending the franchise to women but a consolidation of power. From the relevant section of the bylaws:
All such [headship] matters shall be referred to the Governance Committee for resolution, and the Governance Committee shall exercise all of the Board’s decision making authority with respect to such matters.
The board nominally has 20-25 members. The governance committee has five. What if a contentious issue arose that Ken Fisher really wanted to pass where they would fail to get a simple majority of the 20-25 members of the board? They could find a headship issue, recommend it to the governance committee to resolve, and pass it with the full authority of the board, potentially on three votes! In this case, senior leadership consolidates power while 'pandering to the base' of women voters, not unlike how BLM operates: the protesters on the ground legitimately believe the mission of Black Lives Matter and are willing to risk arrest and penalties (granted, soft, in the current governance), while the upper echelons in the organization are using the movement to Buy Large Mansions....