Woke in the WELS: Lutheran Leadership Conference #4


(Note: This is not character assassination or an eighth commandment violation. I take her words and actions in the kindest possible way by taking her at her word. Dr. Prince is a very smart woman. She's achieved a Ph.D., she was Vice Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, she was an ambassador to the UN. Clearly, she's smart. She's also a public figure and can speak for herself. I simply take Dr. Prince at her word. The WELS has made her a public figure by giving her top billing at the WELS Lutheran Leadership Conference, and the views she holds to are expressed in the slides from her presentation and in the materials handed out during that presentation. This content was presented to pastors, called workers and laymen with Synods' approval. This is the necessary context to have that discussion. Prior to the conference I shared these notes with my Pastor, Council and conference leadership. No one questioned their factuality although they disagreed with my concern. Other concerned lay and called workers also addressed the conference leadership with similar dismissal of concerns. Hopefully this makes it abundantly clear: I am not targeting Dr. Prince, I am providing the context to raise my concerns regarding Synod. I respond to Eli's concerns in a subsequent post)

Dr. Joan Price was the keynote speaker at the WELS Lutheran Leadership Conference. 

And she's woke.

Dr. Prince implemented DEI at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. You can find her signature on the campus update announcing the mandatory anti-bias and anti-racist training (including content from Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X Kendi). And lest you think this is a "pin the blame on the outgoing administrator" you can hear her radio interview on WUWM where she is proud to implement it as part of her legacy. Or her television interview on WISN where she "put [her] mark at UW-M by just being that advocate for equity and inclusion."

Dr. Prince participated in an interview with TEMPO Milwaukee, a group of executive women leaders. She was asked regarding any cautions that should be taken in pursuing DEI by saying "not to be complacent … you need small steps to get there, be very cautious. Applaud the small steps don’t dismiss them but don’t be complacent and don’t be satisfied with them, because those walls will crumble" - a clear articulation of the reverse motte-and-bailey argument.

Dr. Prince appeared on a "Real Talk Virtual Summit on Racial Injustice" on June 5, 2020, in which she states that "George Floyd was murdered, he's not the first black man that will be murdered in America and he won't be the last. Just wait. There's a long hot summer coming." (16m). She supported the George Floyd riots in Milwaukee, stating "after the first two days of total chaos which took away from the message, they've gotten strategic and they’re like it’s not our neighborhoods we need to march in, it’s the other [white] neighborhoods.” Dr. Prince goes on to affirms anti-racism (59m) and institutionalized racism (1h3m)."

In an interview with the Womens Fund of Greater Milwaukee, Dr. Prince affirms intersectionality (26m) and her 'love' for Nicole Hanna, founder of the 1619 project.

This is the first foot the WELS puts forward at a conference targeted at WELS pastors and church leadership. I had an opportunity to talk to someone in senior WELS leadership about this. They said "Oh, you are concerned that the WELS will look bad to the world?"

No, sir.

I'm concerned you actually buy into this woke worldview.


  1. Although you claim to be taking Dr. Prince's words in the kindest possible way, I do not believe you have actually done that. In "Real Talk Virtual Summit on Racial Injustice", Dr. Prince did not support the riots. She says, "the first two days of total chaos... took away from the message." She says that the riots were not in support of the message that they wanted to convey.
    Dr. Prince has spoken out on some issues about which others might disagree. But disagreeing with someone's political stances does not give the right to attack one's faith. Dr. Prince, as a fellow Christian, has Christian freedom to stand for these ideas.
    The Eighth Commandment states that "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor" What does this mean? "We should fear and love God that we do not tell lies about or neighbor, betray him, or give him a bad name but defend him, speak well of him, and take his words and actions in the kindest possible way." This post has not spoken well of Dr. Prince but has instead spoken poorly of her character.
    In Leviticus we read, "you shall love your neighbor as yourself."
    Your post is not a show of Christian love for our sister in Christ.


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