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  The Church Among the Deathworks | Carl R. Trueman Long ago, Nietzsche’s Madman asked the rhetorical question, “What after all are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchers of God?” Sadly, it seems that too many of the gravediggers these days are members of the clergy. "Deathworks" is a term which Carl Trueman introduces in his book " The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self ." The term was coined by sociologist Philip Rieff as "the act of using the sacred symbols of a previous era in order to subvert, then destroy, their original significance and purpose." While there are many deathworks among us none are as vibrant or forceful as those of the LGBTQ and the inroads they have made into the Church. This article is a quick introduction to the idea with application; if you enjoy his writing, I do recommend his book as an expansive discussion of what is wrong with modern man.

(pri)DEMON(th): The WELS statement on transgenderism

The WELS Conference of Presidents published a Statement on Human Sexuality, Personhood, Identity, and the Historic Christian Faith in October of 2019. It's quite good; I encourage you to read the whole thing and I'll make a few observations here. First, this statement is not held to the same standards as a doctrinal statement, so while it is considered pure doctrine and provides guidance for pastors and laity it is not "enforceable" per see.  Second, the document references similar statements by the ELS and the  LCMS . The ELS document is a single paragraph with fourteen Scripture references. It is incredibly concise but provides no specific guidance. The LCMS document spends its first third discussing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defining terms and getting a secular perspective and noting the changes from release IV to 5, where the views on transgenderism started to liberalize. The next third bring Scripture to bear, noting that Jesus

Truth and Love

  "No Christian churchman should dream of complaining when Truth is given precedence over Love, or, more accurately, love for God and His Word over love for man." -Kurt Marquart, The Question of Procedure in Theological Controversies (note the obvious application to affirming pronouns, etc.)

(pri)DEMON(th): is upon us

  Pride month is upon us, and it is a doctrine of demons. Many of us will not hear anything of it from our pulpits this month. Some might get vague references curbed by the caveats that "all sins are equal" and "look at the plank in your own eye before the spec in theirs." Very few will have a Pastor willing to speak against these sins as being distinctively evil and damaging to both body and soul.  This month I intend to be being laser-focused on the cultural sins of our age because I fall in the former camp - my pastor will not touch these things with a ten-foot pole even when he is given encouragement to do so.  To start - let us make it abundantly clear that pride month is a doctrine of demons. Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:9 calls out both the "active" and "passive" participants in homosexual relationships, using the sexual slang of his day. A chapter earlier he tells the Corinthian congregation to "deliver over to Satan" a man in the co