The Hoenecke Scholarship

(She's cute, but we're confessional Lutherans... dudes only!)

I am offering a $1000 renewable scholarship to seminarians. Along with the scholarship, you will receive a subscription to Gottesdienst, the Journal of Lutheran Liturgy. In order to apply to the scholarship you must meet the following critieria:

  1. Attend Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary (BLTS), Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS), or Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne (CTSFW)
  2. Hold a Quia subscription to the Book of Concord

In order to apply please email with the following:
1) Your name or online alias
2) Seminary you are attending and year 
3) Your confession to a Quia subscription to the Book of Concord
3) Links to your social media or published presence
4) Anything else you would like me to know about your plans for ministry

I will select a candidate or candidate(s) to subsidize for the upcoming academic year. The scholarship will be sent directly to your financial aid office, and the Gottesdienst subscription will be sent to the name and address you provide.

You will be awarded the title Nihil Scholar, for what it is worth, and I welcome your submissions for publication on this website.

1) I don't want to be doxxed
Cool. I'm anonymous, and I'm all for seminarians remaining anonymous. It is probably in your best interest. Your pseudonymous submissions for scholarship are welcome, as I assume your social media presence will be pseudonymous as well. If you are selected as the awardee, I will need a method of identification for conveying the scholarship to your institution. If they accept a student ID or other means of identification, excellent, otherwise I will need your name to provide along with the check to your seminary. If you are selected and decline to provide a useful means of identification, I will select the runner-up candidate. Your name will not be disclosed to anyone but your institution.

2) What is your criteria?
My primary criteria, assuming you hold a Quia subscription to the Book of Concord, is evaluating your online presence. Anonymous social media accounts will be held in as high esteem as named accounts. I respect anonymity. And dank memes.

3) What about renewing?
Renewal is contingent on (1) my continued employment which provides the funding and (2) Your continued Quia subscription to the Lutheran Confessions and (3) your online or published presence upholding sound doctrine. And dank memes.

4) I have questions