BLC to cancel some liberal arts programs of study; hints at state legislation attacking Christian worldview

I'm late to the party on this one, due to personal and professional commitments.

On November 27, Bethany Lutheran College sent out a Communication Update Letter 2023. Amidst sundry bits of information there are two key pieces of information communicated. First, the cutting of several liberal arts and language programs:

"Sadly, beginning in the Fall 2024 semester, due to low enrollment and cost considerations, Bethany will discontinue the following programs of study: American Studies major and minor, History major and minor, Social Studies major and minor, Theatre major and minor, and the Philosophy and Global and Cross-Cultural Studies minors."

"In addition, due to low course enrollments, the Regents resolved to discontinue the teaching of Latin and Norwegian,"

This is really unfortunate for a liberal arts school. BLC is training future pastors and teachers. I understand enrollments are low, but this decision seemed to be focused on outcomes as opposed to what a proper education looks like. Pastors should be learning theological languages including Latin, and Norwegian is a touchstone in the ELS. I wonder if things would have looked any different if Dr. MacPherson were still around - or if looming decisions like this were part of his calculus. (Regardless, God is blessing LCC!) 

The second point is subtle but I think I know what they are getting at, and it's a big deal: 

"In addition, recent State legislation may threaten our ability to carry out our Christ-centered mission, specifically our Scripture-based foundation within our Education major – Bethany’s second largest program. In short, as society moves away from the Christian worldview we value, repercussions could follow that further threaten our mission."

I believe they are hinting at Minnesota teacher licensing rule changes. From the announcement:

  • The licensure rule changes will require affected educators to:
    • “affirm” student identities including sex and gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation and “incorporate” them into a learning environment;
    • “understand” how “ethnocentrism, eurocentrism, deficit-based teaching, and white supremacy undermine pedagogical equity”;
    • “assess” their “biases” and “mitigate their own behavior to disrupt oppressive systems”;
    • “empower” learners “to be agents of social change to promote equity.” 
I don't believe a Lutheran in good conscience can affirm an identity that God does not. Kudos to Bethany for preparing to stand up. 

MLC, where do you stand?