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NOTE: The Motley Magpie has long gone offline. I am republishing the original content from the Wayback Machine and other sources. All credit to the Berg brothers et. al. The "Rubric's Cube" images, unfortunately, appear to have been altogether lost.

The Motley Magpie was a quarterly journal dedicated to the promotion of Lutheran ceremonia in the evangelical catholic tradition as confessed in the Book of Concord AD 1580/1584. It provided a forum for the dissemination, discussion, and critique of topics relating to this important and neglected issue. We published for three years to discuss the matters we felt deserved attention. As many are still wishing to read what we have written we decided to offer the entire three year run on the web.

The title was taken from the mockery spoken by a 17th century Calvinist in Anhalt against Lutherans who wore traditional vestments, specifically the surplice and cassock. It was said that the Lutheran pastor so dressed would "march around as motley as a magpie" (... picae instar versicolorem incedere ...). We thought this calumny a fitting tribute, and, title for this journal.

The reverend editors are ordained Lutheran pastors who unconditionally subscribe to the Lutheran Confessions.

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