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Not you too, Chrysostom!

What's with all this toxic masculinity in the Church Fathers? Maybe the problem isn't them, it's us...    

Chesterton: On Education

 "Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously."

Kinda Toxic, eh Clement?

Clement of Alexandria "How womanly it is for one who is a man to comb himself and shave himself with a razor… to shave his cheeks, pluck hairs out of them, and smooth them! [God] adorned man like the lions, with a beard, and endowed him as an attribute of manhood…a sign of strength and rule."

How one Christian School addressed Critical Theory

  How One Christian School Addressed Critical Theory | Bradley G. Green | First Things This is a fantastic document and a good starting point for Lutheran schools. Read the whole thing. I don't have much to add, but wanted to point out Article V. It's a pretty fantastic argument against the idea of privilege. Article V WE AFFIRM that our Lord Jesus Christ was born into, and lived his entire earthly life in, a society in which animosity between groups (e.g., Jews and Samaritans, men and women) was a reality, with consequent inequalities between groups in various contexts of life. As a Jewish man living in a society that was shaped primarily by the influence of Jewish men, Jesus experienced what many today would call privileges of his social standing. WE DENY, along with the universal testimony of Christian orthodoxy, that personal sin or guilt can be rightly attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ, and this would include any personal sin or guilt that is supposedly attached to the i

Butchering Luther

  This hymn is emblematic of the new WELS hymnal in its novelty and a shift from objective language to subjective language. Had to soften and feminize it for the modern parishioner. Oh hey, we can copyright it? Sweet!

Woke in the WELS: Lutheran Leadership Conference #4

  (Note: This is not character assassination or an eighth commandment violation. I take her words and actions in the kindest possible way by taking her at her word. Dr. Prince is a very smart woman. She's achieved a Ph.D., she was Vice Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, she was an ambassador to the UN. Clearly, she's smart. She's also a public figure and can speak for herself.  I simply take Dr. Prince at her word. The WELS has made her a public figure  by giving her top billing at the WELS Lutheran Leadership Conference, and the views she holds to are expressed in the slides from her presentation  and in the materials handed out during that presentation . This content was presented to pastors, called workers and laymen with Synods' approval. This is the necessary context to have that discussion. Prior to the conference I shared these notes with my Pastor, Council and conference leadership. No one questioned their factuality although they disagreed w