WLHS Update: Executive committee to replace governance committee

Jeff Bezos has a quote, "You don't get to choose your passions, your passions choose you." Apparently WLHS drama has chosen me. 

So your humble host has managed to obtain several documents of interest...

Truth be told, no Bothans died. These documents were intended for a "pre-read" ahead of the next WLHS delegate meeting which would seemingly give legs to my pious speculation that this was not merely pandering to the feminists but a power grab. If you recall, the organization chart I shared last month showed how there was an all-male governance committee consisting of five men that would deal with 'headship issues' on the board which would include women by taking those issues from the board and dealing with it themselves. My speculation was that this was actually a power grab by Ken Fisher while pandering to 'the base'. Part of that pandering potentially could be bringing on Joan Prince as a board member to encourage innovations like the DEI implementation she spearheaded at UW-M and reminders to "consider the role of whiteness" at the WELS Lutheran Leadership Conference.

The document shows that the governance committee is now rebranded as the Executive Committee (I resisted the urge to insert a Kathleen Kennedy meme inline) The "substance of change" announces an Executive Committee to replace the Governance Committee which would be constitute of five men, one a Pastor, who would have "exclusive authority to ratify or reject any and all actions approved by the full Board. Only actions ratified by the Executive Committee would become official acts of the Board" 

This would seem to confirm the 'power grab' speculations. The girls can "play boardroom", but five men ultimately have the power to accept or reject any and all actions of the board. And assuming in a split decision majority-rules, then Ken + 2 can override the board of 20-25. 

The other interesting thing to note - in the upcoming meeting, there will be no 'debate or discussion' on the issue of the rationale of women's service on the board:
NOTE: While there will not be debate or discussion tonight on this issue, the Board invites comments and questions to be directed in writing to the office of the WLHS President by clicking here after the presentation. These will in turn be shared with the full Board and discussed at its March meeting. Before any vote by the Delegates, there will be an opportunity for a discussion by the delegates at a future meeting.

Continue to pray for the faithful men who have a seat at the table and are pushing back against the temptation to thrust women into positions of headship.