Woke in the WELS: This is good: A WELS pastor evaluates CRT

God be praised. I'm pleased to share this presentation, hat tip to 🥓Texas Morning Coffee ☕️ (@BYECAHELLOTEXAS) / Twitter. This presentation was given at a South Central District (WELS) conference by Rev. Paul Seager.

My observations: 
- Clearly, he's been listening to James Lindsay. The 13 tenants are a dead giveaway, James in a podcast explained how books like to give 5 tenants, but if you read enough books they overlap and give you thirteen. Same with the "long shaft" comment.
- He correctly comes to the conclusion (Slide 78, presentation comments) that CRT is antithetical to the Gospel. This mantra is repeated throughout subsequent slides.
- Slides 66 and following present an excellent thesis/antithesis between the Bible and CRT on key doctrines.

You can download the presentation or use the embedded viewer below. I suggest downloading it as Rev. Seager has notes that the embedded viewer does not present.