A Faithful Witness: Rev. Bussmann, "A Theology of the Cross is Necessary and Needed"


"The root of the problem is buried much deeper than who a beer company wants to put on their can. How did we get here and arrive so rapidly? How should the Church faithfully respond? May I suggest being theologians of the cross and calling things what they actually are instead of bowing in cowardice or in fear of offending someone? Homosexuality is an abomination. Transgenderism calls God a liar. Boys cannot be girls and girls cannot be boys (or cats, dogs, or horses). Cohabitation and divorce destroy families and are sinful. “Inclusivity” targets Christians. Organizations that act as if they love people and will fight for (fill-in-the blank) justice are also abominations in the eyes of God seeking to build up the dividing wall of hostility that Christ, by His blood, has torn down (see Ephesians 2). Fighting against this is Synod’s next significant hurdle to cross. It is much higher than it would have been, but in our silence over the years, we allowed many of these things into the Church in the name of “tolerance” or being called “racist.”"

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