How one Christian School addressed Critical Theory

 How One Christian School Addressed Critical Theory | Bradley G. Green | First Things

This is a fantastic document and a good starting point for Lutheran schools. Read the whole thing.

I don't have much to add, but wanted to point out Article V. It's a pretty fantastic argument against the idea of privilege.

Article V

WE AFFIRM that our Lord Jesus Christ was born into, and lived his entire earthly life in, a society in which animosity between groups (e.g., Jews and Samaritans, men and women) was a reality, with consequent inequalities between groups in various contexts of life. As a Jewish man living in a society that was shaped primarily by the influence of Jewish men, Jesus experienced what many today would call privileges of his social standing.

WE DENY, along with the universal testimony of Christian orthodoxy, that personal sin or guilt can be rightly attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ, and this would include any personal sin or guilt that is supposedly attached to the inheritance of social privilege. Consequently, we deny that guilt should be imputed solely on the basis of social privilege to any person, for such an imputation implicates our Lord in sin and consequently unravels the whole fabric of the gospel.


  1. Wow, this article really hit home for me. As someone who struggled with mental health during my school years, I wish more schools had initiatives like this in place. It's heartwarming to see a private Christian school leading the way in addressing such a critical issue.


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