Quite Dainty...

This is bound to get some panties in a bunch... 

From The Crown Jewel of Germany, Doctor of the Church, Second Martin, Author of the Formula of Concord, Examination of the Council of Trent Volumes I, II, III, and IV, Two Natures in Christ, The Epistle to the Hebrews, The Lord's Supper, the Enchiridion, Church Order, the Lord's Prayer, Loci Theologi Volumes I, II, and III, Opponent of Lindanus, Andrada, Pighius, the Papacy, and Zwingli, Calvin, and the Anabaptists. St. Fr. Rev. Reformer Churchman Professor Confessor Theologian Philosopher Martin Chemnitz The Apostolic His Holiness The Great and Wise (Peace Be Upon Him) (Gone to experience beatific vision, will return in glory at the Resurrection to oversee all theologians).

Martin Chemnitz sharply criticized the 15th Century Roman Catholic theologians for giving in to this notion that Christians may not wish to drink from the same cup as their fellow Christians. One reason why the Council of Constance (1414-1418) chose to withhold the cup entirely from the laity was that “it might, as it were, become unappetizing for many to drink, when many others had drunk before.” Chemnitz responded, “It is evident, therefore, that the church has now become quite dainty, seeing that antiquity often reiterates that the sign and token of the church's unity is that one cup is offered for all, as Chrysostom says” (Examination of the Council of Trent, Vol. 2, p. 370).

Remember, gentlemen, while we don't allow ladies into the pastoral office, we seem to allow quite a few effeminate men.

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