Scaer: On Atonement


"Once we say that Christ had to be obedient to the law, then we have to admit that the law matters, as does the Christian life. But if we say that the word of promise supersedes the law, then any discussion of the law or of Christian life becomes unimportant, secondary at best. Any exhortation to help our unborn neighbor, to defend marriage for the sake of children, or to speak out for confused children who are given puberty blockers and hormone treatment leading to disfiguring surgery is relegated to the place of the now defunct law. In an age of lawlessness, a lawless Savior is appealing. We can say with Forde and Paulson that like Christ, we care not so much for God’s law, but for his will, which is indeed a convenient place to be." - Rev. Peter J. Scaer, Reckoned among the Lawless, CTQ 84:3-4, July/October 2020.