Dr. MacPherson: In Defense of the Common Cup and Biblical Evangelism Techniques.

"As a pastor for example you are called to preach the gospel and administer the sacraments. Yes, we can take reasonable steps and be cautious, but at the same time our Lord used the common cup, He instituted the sacrament in that way, the one clear example we have that we know for sure - if there is more than one right way to do it, we know that at least that way is the right way because that is what our Lord did - I don't think that anyone should be hesitant then, to use the common cup. And if you want to look at scientific studies we can do that too... My question would always be at the end of the day are you making your decision based on the Scriptures, based on the long-standing historical confessions of your church and historic church practices, or are you feeling pressured because of earthly fears? Are you being coerced by the government or by neighbors and do what is supposedly seems loving in their eyes, in order to what, earn some kind of public relations campaign as if the church that is the most careful with COVID will somehow win people over for Jesus? That is not a Biblical evangelism technique. I would remind people to consider the mission of the church and evaluate your priorities humbly and prayerfully." 

Called to Defend Part 2: Dr. Ryan MacPherson 08/07/2021 - YouTube ~ 1h12m

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