The Word joined to the Element becomes a Sacrament

The Birth of Christ - Lucas Cranach the Elder

Augustine defined a sacrament as "the Word joined to the element" [1]. Using this definition, the Incarnation of our Lord at His birth can be rightly understood as a sacrament. "[T]he Word became flesh and dwelt among us" [2] in, with and through His human nature [3], since His incarnation in the womb of Mary, and on through eternity. And in these present times He still comes to us in, with and under the bread and wine in Holy Communion. God be praised.

[1] “When the Word is joined to the element or natural substance, it becomes a Sacrament” - Augustine

[2] "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" - Jn 1:16 [ESV]

[3] "The entire fullness of divinity dwells in Christ... In, with, and through the human nature, Christ shows, uses, and acts on His divine power, glory and efficacy, as the soul does in the body and the fire in glowing iron." -FC SD VIII 64