(pri)DEMON(th): Pastor Bramwell dissects Novotny's Pronoun Equivocation

In a welcome (pri)DEMON(th) surprise, Pastor Tyrel Bramwell reviews Pastor Novotny's equivocation on pronouns

You should watch the whole thing; the broader discussion starts around the 14 minute mark with the video review starting around the 18 minute mark

A few choice quotes

(on evangelism, 23 minutes)

"Even confidence is a no-no now, which you can tell from [Novotny's] demeanor in this video"

(on sin, 26 minutes)

"I'm not looking back at the 50s with any rose-colored glasses, I know there was just as much sin as there is now, but there was also repentance then that is completely absent now. Now, there is an intentional queering of God's norm, His order going on so much so that we even see pastors buying into the language and trying to work within the Godless structure and vocabulary..."

Bramwell's arguments rest on two points. The first is that the Devil wants to trick us into thinking we have time, that there is no particularly urgency. Novotny buys into this lie by emphasizing relationship-building, but this is counter to the urgency we hear from Christ in His parables recorded in Matthew 24-25, with the faithful servant keeping watch, and the faithful and unfaithful virgins. and Peter's admonition in 2 Peter 3 to keep watch, that Christs' return will be like a thief in the night.

(Pastor Bramwell didn't go there, but reading the entirety of 2 Peter 3, Peter warns us about untaught an unstable people twisting doctrine to their own destruction...)

The other valuable point was in pointing to John 1:14-17 as teaching us about the incarnation and not a section of scripture that is providing Christians with instruction on how to live the Christian life. Novotny and others fall back on the old, tired WWJD argument instead of looking to the clear Scriptures where we are told what we should do! Proceeding out of that discussion comes the testimonies of Luther, Augustine and Chrysostom, exegeting the John 1 pericope consistent with that view. Pastor Novotny's view of this pericope directly opposes the exegesis of these church fathers. 

Worthwhile. Thank you, Pastor Bramwell!