This is Psalm 2 Stuff

"As pastors this has to be coming out in our sermons. How can we not be applying the word of God to a society which, in the name of wokeness, is actually urging and funding and advertising and teaching for our children to have parts of their bodies amputated, to be flooded with hormones, to suit the ideology that says even an underage child should be able to choose what sex they are going to have? How can we not speak out against that? How can we not pray mightily for God to work contrition and repentance if not judgement on that sort of thing ... To be confessional means to speak according the content and, I think, the pattern of our Lutheran confessions, so we not only confess based on what we believe based on the inerrant words of Scripture and all that doctrinal stuff in the creeds and the Apology and the catechism and so forth. But we also are taught to go on and say, and as a result of the Biblical doctrine, we oppose this. We are against that. We do not agree with this. We condemn that. And that has to be part of our preaching and teaching in the parishes too, I would humbly but urgently submit ... So it's not enough to say I haven't said anything against biblical doctrine, therefore I am fulfilling my contract or my call or my position. That is hardly adequate. It is required that we use God's word against these attacks on our children, our institutions, and lets face it on the Lord himself. This is Psalm 2 stuff. The rulers, shall we say, the administrators, the political people are taking their stand against God and against his anointed, that's whats going on with wokism. And the antidote to that is the free, full rebuke of Scripture and the comfort of rest in Christ alone. That's the only thing that is going to do it. Maybe, to say this quietly and with a little bit of trembling, maybe this is a bit of judgement on us. If we can't marshal our teaching and preaching and lives against wokism, why aren't we here? Are we really being Church? If we're not speaking up in such a time as this?" - Rev. Dr. Greg Schulz,