On Liturgical Accoutrements...


From Pastor Peters at Pastoral Meanderings:

"How odd it is that we take the requirements of the temple worship of the Old Covenant literally and then take Revelation symbolically as if it were but imagery to describe an otherworldly version of a big box evangelical style worship space we have on earth.  Lutherans take note.  In Revelation we encounter not an abstract painting for the imagination but the practical stuff of worship.  There we learn which elements of Old Covenant worship should be retained in the New Covenant, since the heavenly liturgy we anticipate on earth both concludes and includes the old.  We learn from Revelation that the Church is not simply allowed but encouraged to buildings, ministers, candlesticks, chalices, incense, and vestments -- the worship of the Church is both derived from and directed to Jesus Christ.  Jesus was every bit the center, though hidden, in the worship of the Temple.  Indeed, He is the perfection of all that was -- whose symbols pointed to Him who would fulfill them.  In the worship of the New Covenant, they are no less symbols even though they now deliver what they sign.  What was symbol in the Old Covenant worship, has now become sacrament, not simply pointing to the salvation won on the cross but deliver its gift and grace.  The faithful enter into God's presence at His bidding, receive what He promises, and respond with praise and thanksgiving.  This is the heavenly glory, still imperfect and not yet complete as it will be but every bit the reality glimpsed and received as foretaste of all that is to come."