Letter to the Editor

I found a link to the Motley Magpie on the Luther Quest list and once there I found your email address at the web site for Hope ELC. I am relatively new to things Lutheran even after the year my wife and I have been attending a LCMS near us. (She is a refugee from Arminianism and I from the mega churches; we went through a church plant meltdown recently and the resulting church search landed us in the LCMS).


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the things said in the Magpie. The comments in the article about myths held by Protestants was reassuring and amusing to me. The article about communing of the faithful was very succinct and clear. I found that it brought me up to speed on some things of importance.


It is also interesting to me that your church is in the region where I grew up. Born in Santa Cruz, I moved to San Jose as a young boy, attended Valley Christian Schools, SJ State and worked for years in Sunnyvale with UPS. I was not at that time open to Lutheran churches so we would not have met. It was by means of the White Horse Inn broadcast (Dr. Rod Rosenbladt) that I gradually grew in understanding and openness, but that took some time.


Thanks for your contribution via Magpie.


David Ball Longmont, CO. §