J P Koehler: Sanctification is not Hurrah, and Lutheran Education is not a free choice

We previously discussed Wauwatosa theologian John Schaller's take on Lutheran education, and Wauwatosa appreciator Travis Berg's take on American foreign policy, now it's time for J P Koehler to chime in with a few concise sentences that get to the heart of the matter. From his excellent "Sanctification is not Hurrah" translated in serial in Faith-Life magazine (quote appears in Vol XXIV, No. 9, pg 13, 1951):
"When much clamor is made in the school fight about the efficiency of the American state-school rearing and about our American statecraft in general, then to a great extent that does not correspond with the truth. It isn't true that our American political exertions contribute to the welfare of the world, or to our people themselves. It isn't true that the irreligious public-school training can be of any special blessing to our people. It isn't necessary to enlarge on that here. Anyone among us who doesn't recognize that or hasn't recognized it long ago can't be converted by many words now. Nor does it have much sense to argue with the friends of the state school. We lack a common ground for that. They never will understand the essence of our parochial school as long as they do not through the understanding of the Gospel see the value and necessity of our schools not only for the salvation of our children but also for the continued existence of a decent and just state government."