Riff on that: Foreign Policy and the Wrath of God

Scriptural Considerations for Just War Doctrine - Rev. Travis Berg - YouTube

"America's authority ends at the boundaries of its nation..."

Fascinating point by the gentleman in the blue shirt:

"Not to get in the way of God and the justice He might be executing on a nation that deserves the tyrannical rule. When we go in there and try to rectify everything, we are meddling in God's own justice. But not only are we meddling in His justice against a nation, we also end up meddling in God's providential mercy towards certain minorities within a nation, and we see that when we see the injustice of Saddam Hussein, for instance, when we punish him, what happens to those who, although the live in a nation being punished by God, they had a niche in the status quo. But when we went in there and destroyed him, then those Christians began to be persecuted. As we violated God's justice against that nation, we also undermined God's special protection of His own."

*now do Ukraine* 

*now do Israel*

(Rev. Berg co-hosts the Clerical Errors Podcast. 'Riff on that' is one of Berg's catch phrases.)