The Gates of Hell shall not prevail

" The gates of hell do not prevail, because the Church has hell under siege."

TGC 214 — A Lutheran Kuyperian Vision? — Gottesdienst

Weedon's Blog: Matthew 11:12 from Weimarische Bibel-Werk:

But from the days of John the Baptist (from the time when he began to fulfill his office) until now the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence (the Kingdom of God will be preached through the Gospel and everyone attempt to force an entry to it, Luke 16:16. Men seize the Gospel with determination like men taking a city. Luther: The consciences which have taken the Gospel to heart will allow no one to wrest it from them!) and the violent (the repentant sinners who in true faith stand against temptations by the power of the Spirit, and crucify and bring to nothing the evil desires of their sinful flesh) take it by force (press into the kingdom of heaven, from which it is apparent that John’s teaching and baptism have had a great effect).