Editorial Update

by John W. Berg


Our thanks to our subscribers for your support and patience as we learn along the way.  As you may note, two of the promised “In the Upcoming Issue” articles are not in this issue.  Not for the lack of said articles. Room was the culprit. Prolixity (read: we’re blowhards) might also be a co-conspirator. The exigencies of the moment, however, pushed those articles to the side, for the moment. For example, it was deemed necessary to answer an editorial that appeared about us. Our apologies to our readers for that little bit of necessary unpleasantness, many of whom have heard the same before, yet without a journal of their own to answer the charge. The editors wish to react in a timely fashion to events in our church, to thoroughly answer questions/ charges, slash whatever they may be. You will note we will now cleverly advertise articles that will appear “In AN Upcoming Issue.” Our apologies to the fans of Reverend Frey, whose article “For the Good of the Ministry” received the final editorial axe.


One other bit of information on subscriptions…. (This information is now moot. Editor)… By our third year we hope to know what we will do.  We do know we will not run out of material, the vary nature of theology will see to that.  Also, and how do I put this delicately, wait, this is the Magpie, we will never, it seems, lack things on which we will not be able to contain ourselves from commenting, for it seems every week we hear something about which we say “you can’t make this stuff up.”   Oh, did we tell you the one about the ass and the parakeet?  We will. Like I said…  §


The Reverend John Berg is the pastor of Hope Evangelical-Lutheran Church in FremontCalifornia. This editorial update was written in October 2003.