God of the Gaps

Following up on The Devil put Dinosaurs Here, permit me a thought experiment.

What if oil is not really a fossil fuel? It isn't a terribly far-fetched idea. We know methane in particular can be generated abiotically and can be detected on planets where scientists have no reason to believe life exists or ever existed. There is evidence for the abiogenesis of methane on planet earth.

If oil is somehow found out to renewable, then the link between oil and fossils is broken. The problem would be that Dr. Eggert's explanation is now nonsensical. The argument that God made fossils because fossils go along with oil longer makes sense. Dr. Eggert is left holding the bag.

Again, this is a hypothetical, but this demonstrates a broader problem: using the framework of science to explain difficulties in our theology is liable to backfire because science has no concrete basis in eternal Truth. Science is based on observations which can be invalidated and replaced by new observations. Newton's gravitational observations were sufficient until Einstein's usurped them. We know from Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions that science trudges along until it doesn't - paradigm shifts often disrupt the working knowledge of science, and if Christians frame biblical Truth in terms of a scientific paradigm that is discredited, we then risk be labeled as holding to a "God of the Gaps" affirming theory. "Yes, that worked to fill the gap until Science told us better" ...

Why are there dinosaur fossils? God made dinosaurs in the six days of creation. At some point, dinosaurs died out. Probably during the flood. You know, that massive event where the world was covered in water 15 cubits above the highest mountain? They say pressure makes diamonds, it might have made a few fossils as well...