The WELS celebrates Women's History Month by elevating Lesbian Pastrix voices in CW21

Christian Worship: Hymnal, Hymn 453

Once again, the WELS is gunning for the title of "Laughingstock of Confessional Lutheranism." Hymn 453 in our new hymnal is composed by one Sylvia Dunstan; a woman who calls herself a pastor, deceived by means of ordination by the United Church of Canada. Not only was she a woman claiming to be a Pastor, but she was also a lesbian.

The United Church of Canada's page on "What We Believe" leads off with "The Bible is the shared standard for our faith, but members are not required to adhere to any particular creed or formulation of doctrine." In that light, verse 2's "He lives again / In all your galilees" takes on a chilling tone of relativism: "Your Galilee is not my Galilee - perhaps you think He lives, but in my Galilee it's his memory that lives on..." (And on a day that sleepy Joe Biden woke up long enough to declare a "trans day of visibility," no less!)

Why is the WELS promoting a female LARPing as a pastor, who also defies God in her sexual orientation? It is bad enough that this made it into our hymnals. Why is it a recommended hymn for Easter Sunday?

The natural response to any synodical inquiry will be something along the lines of "The author's intent doesn't matter, it's how we use understand that matters" but that would be skating on thin, woke ice. This is expressive semiotics in practice!

A blessed Easter, fam. He is risen indeed!