The Theology of the Cross: A Theology of Quietism

 A quote from Rev. Dr. Aaron Moldenhauer in his article Peace Under the Cross: Peace in the Theology of Martin Luther from the Reformation 2023 issue of Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology (Vol XXII, No. 4)

"Luther's theology of grace and his new perspective on life as seen through the cross have long been condemned for quietism. If life in this world is necessarily full of trouble, the argument goes, then the Christian will do nothing to attempt to correct evil or injustice. Accordingly, the fear is that Luther leaves people resigned to suffer any type of injustice that disturbs the peace without working to end the injustice. Such a critique should be taken seriously." 

Rev Moldenhauer goes on to show that in Luther's practice he advocated for temporal peace in both praise and critique of civil authority.