The Theology of the Cross: Keeping God 'safe'

Talk About Preaching - Return to Wittenberg 2023 - YouTube

"Where has Lutheranism lost its soul? We have theories about ideas that don't serve our people in salvation today. Or we believe in a God who's far away and we say 'Theology of the Cross' to keep Him safe. It's okay. We just suffer. It's just what we are. It's the Theology of the Cross. 

Or you can repent! Sometimes ... I mean to be sure, Job his lesson is "I don't know" and God's lesson is "well, actually I was fixing it for you." So again even there, right, it's always good that you've heard me say it yet optimism election the doctrine of election is the doctrine of "it's going to be better" which means optimism is the Christian position! And if you find yourself hearing news and speaking words that are sarcastic or sardonic or cynical guess what, you just abandoned your hope because you trusted in the world and its story. The Bible gives you a different story."

I love it ...