Singing our way to hell: Fosdicking around with liberalism

"I did not have to believe anything simply because it was in the Bible. How stunning that conclusion was.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick wrote the hymn "God of Grace and God of Glory", Hymn 770 in CW:H (don't look too smug, LCMS-bros, it's in your hymnal too!). He was a theological liberal, an opponent of the fundamentalists such as J. Gresham Machen (author of "Christianity and Liberalism", a staunch defender of what we would call conservative Christianity, the inerrancy of Scripture, etc.). You can read a well written history and exposition of Fosdick at

Fosdick was supported by John D. Rockefeller. Fosdick's sermon "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?" had over 100,000 copies distributed with the intent of pushing liberal Christianity over and against orthodox Christianity. Rockefeller was so enamored with Fosdick he coordinated with him and built Riverside Church, with Fosdick presiding. Fosdick insisted the church be inter-denominational.

I am a heretic if conventional orthodoxy is the standard. I should be ashamed to live in this generation and not be a heretic.
And so, the WELS continues singing its way to hell. Why do we a hymn written by a heretic in our hymnal? He not only identifies himself a heretic but is a denier of the Trinity. From Chapter 12 of his book Dear Mr. Brown: Letters to a Person Perplexed about Religion.:

"So, as you see, I find rich and vital meaning in the Trinity of experience. I do not think of it first of all as a doctrine to believe in but rather as a revelation of truth to live by." 
"I never read the Athanasian Creed without shame."

The Athanasian Creed:

"This is the catholic faith; which except a man believe truly and firmly, he cannot be saved."