WELS game plan?

OK, hear me out.... 

1. Introduce a gender-neutral bible (NIV11)
2. Introduce a hymnal with questionable hymns and a novel liturgy disconnected from Lutheran heritage (CW21)
3. Separate the youth from the church through youth rallies, WELS youth nights, etc. (2022)
4. Implement pre-evangelism as a precondition to sharing the Gospel (2022)
5. Promote non-liturgical contemporary congregations on WELS Connections to normalize CoWo (2022)
6. Soften doctrinal statements as in our man and woman roles document (2023)
7. "100 in 10" initiative opening new missions churches that worship like (5) and require additional pastors per year in declining synodical and pastoral candidate demographics (2022-2032)
8. Accomplish (7) by either installing lay clergy, lowering the requirements for ordination, or by consolidating and closing "old" confessional liturgical churches. (future date)
9. Boomers die off, further closing/consolidating "old" confessional liturgical churches. (future date)
10. .... Profit?