So.. whats up with the blog Mr Laser-Eyed-Adolf-Hoenecke?

Adolf Hoenecke wants his synod back. 

I am a fan of Lutheran orthodoxy. I am sick of Lutherans that just want to "fit in," that want to be "seeker sensitive," who have coffee bars, padded chairs and TV screens. I am sick of those who see the Liturgy as a grab-bag of fashion accessories to be thrown into a disposable bulletin or TV screen and livestreamed on the Internet. I am confessional, not concessional.

This blog will
  • Highlight the issues with TV screens in the sanctuary, disposable liturgies, so-called "online worship" and other abuses created by the uncritical adoption of modernity 
  • Contend with the errors in WELS theology, specifically the Office of the Holy Ministry and Holy Communion
  • Revel in Lutheran Orthodoxy and the gifts our fathers have handed down to us in the Liturgy and Lutheran confessions
  • Post dank memes that are based and Christ-pilled.
Confessional Lutheranism, as described in the Book of Concord, is the correct exposition of the Holy Scriptures and focuses us on the doctrine of Justification by Grace through Faith, the article on which the Church stands or falls. There is no panacea: no synod is perfect - some are flawed on paper, some in practice - we must rely on the laity to know their Scriptures, know their confessions, and adhere to them firmly, attending the most faithful Lutheran church they can and use their knowledge, prayers and service to guide their church along the narrow path.
Heidelberg Disputation #21: A theology of glory calls evil good and good evil. A theology of the cross calls the thing what it actually is.
May I, too, be a theologian of the cross.