Koontz: Are we still a Free Church

 Are We Still A Free Church? — Gottesdienst

Koontz describes the American church as a state church so as to understand why the churches acted the way they did during the COVID pandemic. While our churches are not state-funded and while its "probably easier to lose one's call in our churches than for a mid-level bureaucrat in the US Department of Health and Human Services to be fired" we rely on tax benefits and school vouchers to make things work. While we don't slot into our nation's federal bureaucracies, "our subjugation need not be organizationally established".

Shutting down churches, mandating masks, signup lists for worship, withholding the Common Cup - these are all indefensible actions of a truly Free Church. These actions defy the scriptural admonitions to not give up meeting together (Hebrews 10:25) to participate in the acts of the Church (Acts 2:42) and requires an Enlightenment approach to spiritualizing the words "together" and "gather" into something the author did not intend and did not write. 

"Freedom is the inheritance of God's children, who have been set free by the Son, by His truth, and so we are free indeed."