Liturgical Insider Baseball

"So if it's from the past there's always something sort of wrong with it okay and so you know if you're doing something that's kind of old you feel sort of guilty about it in a certain way or you feel the need to - I mean just look at some of our bulletins! We're always explaining things. Why do we do that, right? There are lots of there are lots of places where there are complex rituals that no one explains.

I mean no one when you go into a baseball stadium no one says here's the infield fly rule. Here are the gestures that will help you determine how that's going to play out when it does occur, and this is the year in which the infield fly rule was put forth in major league baseball, and no one does that. Even though it could have a lot to do with what you're about to see. We spend all this time explaining what we do, and I think we partly do that because we feel awkward about it because we all feel like it's not really contemporary. I mean think about the fact that that's the adjective that everyone ended up using for what wasn't our heritage, right? As if you, you know, you're doing the liturgy you're doing this stuff uh you're there you're live it's Sunday you're gonna do it next Sunday that's in the future but you're gonna be there doing it and somehow that's not contemporary."