Inner Reflection in the Liturgy

Starting at T-8:52 from the end: 

"I do not think it is possible in most American churches - because they have functioned as social clubs - but the reason that church really should just be - I will advocate the Anglican ideal, that Lutherans often aspire to but rarely achieve - which is the service is basically the same wherever you go, all the time - this is basically the same for Roman Catholics prior to the second Vatican Council. You can be quiet and peaceful even in a room with 250 other people when you all know what you are doing and are doing the same thing, and you don't have to think about it - you don't have to be self-conscious about it. The point of that focus on external conformity is to permit interiority, I didn't have to perform externally because I just do what I am supposed to do - whether I'm the priest or I'm attending or whoever I am, when the externalities are prescribed that permits interiority. I think that this is one of the basic mistakes we have made culturally - we thought that allowing people to be externally vastly different from one another in what they did and said and how they behaved was going to permit interior different to flourish. Instead, we have massive external distance - everyone does whatever he wants, behaves however he wants - and internally we are more homogenous than ever. OK, so this external homogeneity of prescribed action in the church service provides interior reflection in the same sense that if I have the church service memorized, that's going to permit things for me spiritually that are not permissible when I have to keep looking at a medium, whether that's a screen or it is a book."

Pastors, an admonition stick with the liturgy. The same liturgy. Week in and week out. Allow your parishioners to read, learn and inwardly digest the liturgy so instead of focusing on what do we do and when do we do it, they can develop a flow - a certain mindfulness, what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi would refer to as Optimal Experience - which then allows the mind and spirit to reflect as you flow through the service.